Preamble To The Constitution

We the Founders of the UWA
in response to the persistent promptings of the human spirit for release into the New Age of emotional integration and moral purpose, seek to lay the foundations for an eternal educational system of universal scope that will bring to the common focus, the idea of one world and the idea of the emancipated soul.

We agree, therefore, that in the Minds of humankind the implicit need for a compassionate world order must be recognized, accepted, advanced, and fulfilled.

In pursuing the ideal, we recognize the immense necessity for giving voice to the desperate humanity, yeaming to be set free of the age-old bondage of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hunger and degradation of war, and do, therefore, propose to bring about a common awareness for achieving a higher standard of economic welfare and a more joyful, social, cultural and spiritual life in which all things are conceived, nurtured and brought to fruition.

Accordingly, we propose to establish the conditions to discover the mainsprings of human aspiration and nobility; to investigate impartially and vigorously into the frontier areas of the human mind and dignity; to open up new vistas of research into every facet of spiritual learning that promises to improve man’s understanding of himself and his intimate relationship with the universe.
Towards this achievement-goal of Realization, the Association explicitly expresses no religious affinity that will identify it with any particular faith or denomination thereof nor shall it set forth any doctrine or dogma that would serve to establish an exclusive method of salvation.  It further expresses no political ideology other than the commitment of service to humanity.  It shall formalize no prayer that identifies it with a creed, enact no ceremonial deed and shall sponsor no ritual that limits its perception of the universal truth. 
Its gradation exercises, when performed, shall be impressively simple, spiritually significant and intellectually ennobling so as to exercise its authority as an educational body with a kind of spiritual orientation.

We affirm, for this reason, that in the Human Heart must be discovered that spark of divinity which, when fanned into a brilliant and effulgent flame, shall illumine the world with the warmth of its compassion.

Such is that unbreakable Unity with which we pledge to achieve our cherished goal; an Association formed to carry aloft the torch of light with a “brighter flame” to illumine the minds of all people; an Association formed to kindle the light of love and compassion among all nations and whenever possible, in areas of conflict, the Association will act as counseling body for equalizing the flow of knowledge, for reducing aggression and of generating attitudes of fraternization; and an Association of Truth to lend meaning to the pursuit of excellence with a view to forge an endless alliance and a more perfect Union among the people of the Earth.

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